Visit Galicia

Galicia_locationYou say: ‘Galicia is very small’. I tell you: ‘Galicia is a world unto itself’. It may be small in size, but in depth, in substance, it is as big as you want it to be (V. Risco)

“The oldest country in Europe” – after the Galician Kingdom was established in 410 CE – has a unique and very distinctive character.

Everything one sees is antique, venerable and unchangeable. Everything seems to be covered in a warm and tired air (Prof. P. O’Flanagan)

Galicia has a vibrant culture, folklore and traditions, transmitted from antiquity. It is renowned for its rich cuisine, music, architecture, fine arts, breathtaking landscapes and magical legends.

Compostela, capital city

Europe was born on the pilgrimage to Compostela (Goethe)

You have probably heard about the St. James’ Way or Road to Santiago (pilgrimage route), or the meigas (witches) stories… If you didn’t then we have a tale or two to share with you!

“The End of the World” – at the westernmost point of the continent – is a place where history and native heritage are preserved as they adapt and take form in contemporary daily life.

Galicia is the origin of Celticity in all of Europe (Prof. F. Benozzo)

Would you miss the chance to see and feel this land?

Learn more about Galicia and check our practical information. Explore this site at will and do contact us with any questions you might have.

Baronha Celtic hillfort
Baronha Celtic hillfort

Did you know?

Galicia is a fishing and fashion world powerThe Galician Diaspora has been labelled “the largest Diaspora in times of peace”Galicia is the cradle of Portuguese languageGalicia is considered to be “the first country in Europe”There’s a Galician living in almost every country of the planetAccording to legend and recent discoveries, the Irish are of Galician originTable football was invented in GaliciaBuenos Aires (Argentina) was the “biggest Galician city ever”Galicia was considered to be “The End of the World”Galicia and North Portugal formed the first ever Euro-Region within the EU, and they submitted a joint candidature to UNESCOGalicia is often nicknamed “The Land of the Witches”, as many believe strange beings still inhabit Her forests…Galicia is also often nicknamed “The Land of the Thousand Rivers”


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