Fancy a visit to the “seventh Celtic nation”?

Galicia, where past and future meet

Galicia, where past and future meet (Photo by Jim Richardson/National Geographic Creative. Retrieved from BBC Travel).

Galicia Unveiled wants to be your gateway to this place in the world we call home which – we honestly believe – is pretty amazing.

As a matter of fact, even BBC Travel thinks so! Have you checked their amazing piece on Galicia yet? See if that doesn’t get you the “Galicia travel bug” 🙂

We’d certainly love to meet you and we’d also love you to meet us, right where we live.

Well, that’s what we do: we show people around, and we try to convey our passion for our land, so all visitors become Galician ambassadors when they go back to their homes.

So whether you’re looking for an original destination or you know you’re definitely coming here, explore our website for more information and see all the things we can do for you.
We’ll be delighted to welcome you and share everything this land has to offer, so you can live it as a local would.