Coronavirus update


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Good news at the end of the Covid 19 tunnel! 🥳

It looks like all travel restrictions will be lifted on July 1st, meaning you can start planning your Galician holiday ✈️

We’ll see how the situation develops and be ready to resume our tours, sensibly, of course 😷

Remember: health and common sense come first! 😉
Stay tuned for more news 🤗
Original post (March 14th):

Hi friends!

Well, for obvious reasons we’ll halt all activity until the coronavirus is gone for good 😷 😉

As of now schools and universities are closed over here as well as bars, restaurants and, basically, all non-essential services until (at least) the beginning of May. Travel is also limited to the minimum.

No worries, Galicia and Galicians have been here for thousands of years, so we’ll be here to welcome you again soon.

Until then stay safe, stay home! 🏡 And be kind. We’re in this together 😊

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