GZU ❤️ Università di Bologna

Chair of Medieval Philology

Dear friends, it is with great pleasure that we announce the endorsement of a leading international institution to our humble project, no less that the oldest university in the world, the Università di Bologna (Italy).
Namely, this takes the form of a cultural sponsorship through the Chair of Medieval Philology (Dept. of Modern Languages, Literature and Culture – LILEC).

Galicia Unveiled is many things, but it is primarily a platform to make Galicia known, a self-sustained enterprise “designed for the exchange of experiences and culture”.
We are continuously looking for akin organisations and individuals who feel the same passion as we do about heritage, nature and culture, and when a connection as strong as this one is made, a bridge so solid built, we cannot do more than express our happines and thanks to all those who made it possible.

So we walk on knowing that there are those who not only love and appreciate Galicia in general, but also trust our own work at the highest level of excellence. Happy days 🙂



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