Long time no see you! (not really 😁)

“Island of Sculptures” park, Pontevedra.

We once said that not being that active here or in social media was actually a good sign, a sign we’ve been extremely busy. Well, it’s true 🙂

We’ve come to a moment where the overarching project of Galicia Unveiled is taking definite shape.
It all started as just a travel service, offering guided tours and information to visitors, and that was great. But if you’ve been following, you’ll also know that the project grew into other fields such as cultural consultancy, promotion, languages (teaching and translating), and what not.

Now we’re taking another step forward, deepening in all the later aspects and actively participating in a number of parallel projects. After all, we’re fulfilling our dream: letting Galicia be known around the world for what it is, with no intermediaries 🌍

This doesn’t mean we’ll stop offering tours though, but rather than dates will be more scarce. Unfortunately, days still last for 24 hours and we haven’t managed the arcane art of bilocation… some day, some day… 😅


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