(More!) Galician-Portuguese culture 🤝

So last entry here was for last year’s edition. Well. Not everything happens on the internet, right? 😆 You know we are busy, busy bees…

Yet, as last year, the question remains: Can you understand Galician and/or Portuguese?
Will you be around these parts on 6-7 May? Then do attend the XI Jornadas Galego-Portuguesas 🙂

This is arguably the biggest forum this side of the Pyrenees where to discuss Celtic culture and our shared history, traditions, language, folklore… You name it.

It all takes place in the most picturesque village of Pitões das Júnias (Montalegre), a few kilometres down from the Galician-Portuguese “border”, which year after year welcomes us with open arms and the greatest hospitality.
Actually, any excuse is good to visit the highest inhabited point in Portugal. Yeah, that’s Pitões, at roughly 1300 metres 🤯

Do check the full programme and other details > here < (in Galician), where you’ll see that our very own Xoán (from GzU) will be involved in a thing or two, as usual 😉

Ps. This is event is totally free, public and no booking is necessary. Just come, grab a chair and enjoy. It’s organised by the Junta de Freguesia de Pitões (local government), cultural association Desperta do Teu Sono, Academia Galega da Língua Portuguesa and Irmandade Druídica Galaica, among others.



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