About us

Galicia Unveiled is a project specifically designed for those of you wishing to discover a very special place in a very personal way.

Galicia Unveiled offers a unique insight into Western European culture and heritage, off the beaten track, where you will no longer be a tourist but a traveler. Indeed, we won’t be telling you about trivial issues and clichés, but we will certainly try to make you feel and experience our land in the same way we do, sharing our own stories and references.

All Galician Unveiled staff is 100% Galician with a solid academic and professional background, starting with Xoán Paredes, our senior guide and project manager.

We offer a truly multi-lingual service in English, Galician-Portuguese (the native language of Galicia) and Spanish.

Do not hesitate to contact Galicia Unveiled for any further information. We’ll be glad to help and, of course, to welcome you.