Our work

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We’ll let our work speak for itself 🙂 🎖️ Check out our partners and some of the clients and companies we’ve worked with over the years.

👉 Tourism: Simply read the reviews in services such as Freetour (9.8 points out of 10), Viator-Trip Avisor (with 5 out of 5 stars) or the prestigious Tours by Locals (5 out of 5, again) to feel the love… 💖



👉 Language: We’ve been teaching and translating from and to English, Galician, Spanish and Portuguese – as well as providing editing and localisation services – to a wide range of people, business, public institutions and companies.
We can offer a top professional yet honest priced service to anyone, whether you’re an individual, a small business, a governmental office, an educational centre or a high-tech multinational.





👉 Culture and geography: Our first passionate affair 🔥 Always glad to help spread the name and essence of Galicia around the world, may this take the form of talks and conferences, workshops, consultancy, and so on.






We are



PS. This project is sponsored by the Chair of Medieval Philology (Dept. of Modern Languages, Literature and Culture), University of Bologna, Italy.