Easter holidays in Galicia? Checked!

Night view over the city of Pontevedra, our headquarters. Click on it for total awesomeness.

We have been quite busy in a number of platforms and forums preparing for the Easter holidays 🙂 Yet, here is another friendly reminder of what’s in store for you if you’re planning to visit Galicia in the coming weeks.

Do explore this website for information on routes and destinations. Bear in mind that the usual Easter celebrations will be followed shortly after by the Maios season (starting on May 1), a must-see ancient festivity related to nature. But more information on that particular when that times comes… 😉

Note: the official Easter holiday period goes from Thursday, April 13 to Sunday, April 16. Monday, April 17, is a local bank holiday in the city of Pontevedra (and other locations) too.



Season’s greetings and Happy New Year!

apalpadorWe would like to wish you all a wonderful holiday season and a new year filled with peace and happiness.

May the Apalpador bring you lots of presents and all the best in 2017.

Who is the Apalpador you wonder? Well, he’s our own “Santa”.

The Galician tradition says that this bearded red-haired gentle giant comes down from the mountains every year. Either on the 25th or the 31st December, he goes around making sure all children are well looked after and fed. Then, he gives them some presents and chestnuts.

Of course, if you want to meet the Apalpador in person you’ll have to come over. We’ll take you to his place… 🙂

Who are we?

logo_DezaGalicia Unveiled is brought to you by Viajes Deza, a family business since 1985. Viajes Deza is a registered travel agency (license XG-37), for all your travel needs.

Yet, Galicia Unveiled is an independent project, specifically designed for those of you wishing to discover a very special place in a very personal way.

We offer a unique insight into Western European culture and heritage, off the beaten track, where to combine active holidays and a different style of guided tours. Indeed, we won’t be telling you about trivial issues and clichés, but we will certainly try to make you feel and experience our land in the same way we do, sharing our own stories and references.

We aim at providing quality service in fluent English, although other languages are also available, namely Galician-Portuguese and Spanish. All Galician Unveiled staff is 100% Galician with a solid academic and professional background, starting with Xoán Paredes, our senior guide and project manager.

Do not hesitate to contact us for bookings or any further information. We’ll be glad to help and, of course, to welcome you.

What’s different about us?

– We offer a unique insight into Western European culture and heritage, where to combine active holidays and a different style of guided tours.

– Quality service in fluent English, Galician-Portuguese and Spanish.

– 100% Galician staff, with solid academic and professional background.

– You’ll be accompanied by a dedicated driver AND an official tourist guide (when applicable).

– We’re a family business. We’re local. You get to experience things as we do ourselves.

– All our prices are final and include taxes, access to sites and meals (when applicable).

– We can design tailored routes for you. We can show you castles, megaliths, mountains, forests, ocean views and beaches, small cosy villages or big modern and vibrant cities. We can take you hiking or on a gastronomic tour, or both. We can take you alone or in larger groups. If you can dream it we’ll strive to provide it. Simply request a quote.

All our routes and services are subjected to Terms&Conditions. Please read them carefully. Once you begin your tour, by default you accept them.


Where and when?

Galicia is locatedGalicia_location in the green and lush North West corner of the Iberian Peninsula (Southern Europe) facing the Atlantic Ocean, just atop Portugal. It is an autonomous territory within the Spanish State and is, therefore, part of the European Union.

With a population of some 2.7 million and a surface of approximately 30,000 km2 (11,583 mi2), Galicia is a manageable destination filled with hundreds of historical and sightseeing sites, natural parks, beaches, mountains, modern big cities and traditional villages alike.

When to visit is a very personal decision because each season definitely has its particular charm.

The climate is generally benign, but do note that Galicia is in Atlantic Europe, meaning that rain is no stranger any time of the year, as are cool temperatures and occasional storms in Winter. You can use the Pontevedra climate chart as a reference, where Galicia Unveiled is headquartered. If you are looking for mild conditions and nature sightseeing, Spring and Autumn are probably the best bet.

Then again, Summer concentrates most public holidays, festivities and celebrations, to the point where you’ll be spoilt for choice. Obviously, that also means it’s high season, so there will be more people everywhere and some days can get quite warm.

All in all the question you have to ask yourself is “what am I feeling like doing?” and then decide a time to visit, because whatever it is you are looking for you will be able to find it here.

As mentioned, Galicia Unveiled is based in the lovely, award-winning city of Pontevedra. We offer set routes from this city as well as from Vigo and Compostela, but we also offer tailored services from/to other destinations and private tours; contact us for more information on that.

Don’t forget to check our intro for Visit Galicia and the section on practical information for further details, including travel information.

Visiting sites while enjoying a bit of sun is nice, but you might want to check some dates beforehand, just in case you go there in summer and there's some sort of local celebration going on there...

Visiting sites while enjoying a bit of sun is nice, but you might want to check the dates beforehand, just in case you go there and there’s some sort of local celebration taking place… [In the picture: Catoira “Viking” watchtowers, first Sunday of August “Viking” festivities]

Practical information

Getting there

Galicia is part of the European Union (EU) and the Schengen Area (through Spanish representation), which is very handy for travel as this allows for internal freedom of movement. Simply check that all necessary documents and/or visas (when applicable) are in order.

If you are travelling from North America, Australia or New Zealand all you need is a valid passport; you don’t need a visa for a short tourist stay in the EU – up to three months – but do make sure your passport is valid for at least six more months. These conditions also apply for many other countries in the world. If in doubt, please check with the relevant authorities.

  • Flying to Galicia
International airports in Galicia

International airports in Galicia

Galicia has three international airports: Alvedro (city of A Coruña, airport code LCG), Lavacolla (city of Santiago de Compostela, airport code SCQ) and Peinador (city of Vigo, airport code VGO).

There are a number of direct flights from and to Alvedro and Peinador, such as Lisbon, London-Heathrow, Madrid, Bologna, Dublin or Barcelona. However, Lavacolla is the main Galician airport, with regular and seasonal direct flights from/to London-Gatwick, Dublin, Basel, Geneva, Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, Zurich, Bergamo, Frankfurt-Hahn, Madrid, Barcelona, etc. Good offers can be found with major airlines: Ryanair, EasyJet, Iberia, TAP, Aer Lingus, Vueling, Air Europa, etc.

Another feasible option is flying to the neighbouring Sá Carneiro international airport, in the Portuguese city of Porto (OPO). This is a mere 1h15 drive from the Galician border (on toll motorways), although train and bus connections might not be as covenient.

  • Taking the train

The two main train lines into Galicia are from the cities of Porto (Portugal) and Madrid (Spain), the latter being the best of both options, although the service is still slow and the choice of times is not the best. The introduction of a high-speed train due in (approximately) 2018 should improve this situation.

Internal train travel in Galicia is efficient on the so-called “Atlantic corridor”, namely between the cities of A Coruña and Vigo with stops in Compostela and Pontevedra.

Railways in Galicia are managed by the state-owned company RENFE.

  • By bus

Road communications from and to Galicia are quite good, with modern motorways connecting Galicia with Spain and Portugal. Roads inside Galicia are also good for the most part. Making sense of the broad array of bus companies, routes and destinations is a different story altogether, fit only for the initiated natives…

It’ll be easier if, once here, we just take you for some sightseeing! You’ll avoid the hassle and we’ll be able to show you this little wonder we call home:)



Check the weather forecast! You never know if the clouds are coming or going...

Check the weather forecast! You never know if the clouds are coming or going… But sure they’re pretty.

The climate of Galicia is temperate and rainy, with drier summers. It is usually classified as Oceanic, with Continental influences in the southeast. In other words, weather conditions will depend a lot on the season and the region of Galicia you visit. You are, after all, in Atlantic Europe, even if it is southern (hence milder) Atlantic Europe.

Expect summer days to be warm and sunny, yet the odd rain can happen and some evenings may feel a bit chilly. Likewise, winters have their share of storms, gales, cool temperatures… but then again we often get weeks of amazing weather right in the middle. Spring and Autumn see ever changing weather and most of the rain.

You can use the Pontevedra climate chart as a reference, where Galicia Unveiled is headquartered, even if Pontevedra has a somewhat better climate than other parts of the country.

For current weather conditions check Meteo Galicia, the official weather service from the Galician Government. Remember that we will go on with the tours except in very rare occasions. Bring your raincoat, just in case!


Internet and communications

Mobile phones operate on a GSM network, which means that for Europeans – and many other countries – your current phone will most probably work in Galicia. Still, you might want to check that with your carrier before coming over (many North American phones won’t work!).

Free internet/wi-fi is widely available at hotels, bars, restaurants, etc. It shouldn’t be difficult to find hotspots where to connect at no cost or, well, while having a coffee.


Health services

Be smart. If you are a EU citizen apply for your European health card before you travel. It's free. It's your right.

Be smart. If you are a EU citizen apply for your European health card before you travel. It’s free and it’s your right.

The Galician public healthcare system is fairly good, well equipped and with competent staff. Waiting times, however, may be quite long unless you have a really obvious emergency.

If you are a EU (+ Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway and Switzerland) citizen, you are entitled to a free European Health Insurance Card. This will give you temporary access to the Galician healthcare system. Please note that you must get this card before travelling, since these cards are issued by your national health insurance provider. Failing to do so might incur in otherwise easily avoidable costs.

If you are not a EU citizen it is then advisable to get travel insurance. Having said that, public hospitals cannot refuse treatment for emergencies (at a cost and involving subsequent paperwork), and private hospitals are also available. Private healthcare is often good value for money compared to the US and most north European countries and is widely available in major cities.


Emergencies and safety

Galicia is one of the safest destinations in Europe. The overall crime rate is low and violent crime is very rare. Observe the usual caution when visiting larger towns and cities, as pickpockets may be in operation.

Alcohol-induced behaviour may occur during weekend nights and festivities. Use common sense avoiding boisterous or rowdy crowds and individuals.

Illegal drug trafficking and drug-related activities are not uncommon in some specific places. However, this seldom transpires beyond those places and rarely affects the occasional tourist.

  • Emergency (free) numbers:

Dial 112 for general emergencies (multilingual service, including English – dial this number if unsure, they’ll take your call in your language and assess the situation from there).

Dial 061 for medical assistance / ambulance.

Dial 080 for the fire brigade.

Dial 092 for (local) police.


Facts and figures

Population: 2.7 million.

Area: 30,000 km2 (approximately the size of Belgium or the US state of Maryland).

Languages: Galician and Spanish (both official; most of the population is bilingual). Communication in Portuguese is often fluid. English and other languages are taught at school, but the level is generally quite poor.

Currency: Euro (€).

Political organisation: Stable standard Western parliamentary system. Elections are held every four years.

Blue&White (with a tint of red) are our colours

Blue&White (with a tint of red) are our colours

Political status: Galicia is an autonomous territory within the Spanish State, following a process of devolution initiated in 1978. Galicia holds the designation of “historical nationality”, as stated in the Spanish Constitution and Galician Statute of Autonomy, which also regulates its internal organisation and institutions, including the Galician Parliament and Government.

Symbols: Flag, coat of arms and anthem. National day is on July 25th.

Territory: Administrative Galicia is divided into 53 comarcas or bisbarras (regions), 316 concellos (municipalities) and 3,781 paróquias (parishes). Galicia has more than 33,000 settlements. A number of territories with strong Galician influence remain outside administrative Galicia, in the Spanish regions of Asturias and León. Northern Portugal is also strongly akin to Galician culture. Galicia and North Portugal form, in fact, an official “Euro-Region“.

Terrain: Galicia is very hilly in general with higher mountains in the east (up to 2,127m), central plateaus (chairas), ample estuaries (rias) and a myriad of valleys and rivers.


Still unconvinced? Check this, see if we can persuade you a little bit more! 😀 Wondering about “Where and When”? We’ve got that covered too!

Do contact us if you have any questions.

We speak muchas línguas!

Languages in the Iberian Peninsula, and there's us up the NW corner.

There’s us in the NW corner

Galicia Unveiled offers its services in the following languages / Galicia Unveiled oferece os seus serviços nas línguas a seguir / Galicia Unveiled ofrece sus servicios en los siguientes idiomas:

Our guides are fully proficient in any of these languages and can assist in translating and interpreting. However, staff working at the actual offices may only speak Galician, Spanish and some Portuguese. For English service, contact Galicia Unveiled directly via e-mail or phone.

Tours are in one language only. There will be no multilingual tours.

As excursões são só em uma única língua. Não haverá tours multilíngües.

Las visitas son en un solo idioma. No habrá tours multilingües.

Terms and conditions, for your own safety and peace of mind

Please read carefully as they set out our respective rights and obligations. Once you begin your tour, by default you accept these standard terms and conditions.

Once Galicia Unveiled and/or Viajes Deza confirms your booking a contract is made between Viajes Deza and you upon the terms and conditions set out below. Galicia Unveiled/Viajes Deza hereinafter referred to as ‘we’, will only confirm your booking once we have received full payment for your tour.

Back in the day a Druid would solve any legal issue. Now we'll have to put it in writing ;)

Back in the day a Druid would solve any legal issue. Now we have to put it all in writing. Oh well!

1. Booking

1. Enquiries will not be considered firm bookings. If you contact us with preferred date(s) of travel and/or any queries, we will contact you back with all the relevant information and final quote (if applicable) before you make any payment.
2. Once full payment is made you will be allocated a place/places on the particular tour and a confirmation emailed to you. This is your confirmation of booking. This should be printed and saved for own reference.
3. Once you begin you tour, you accept and abide by these terms and conditions.
4. We accept no responsibility for incorrect email or inability to deliver email. If your confirmation does not arrive on time or at all, then you must ask us to resend the email confirmation of the tours you have paid for.
5. All phone bookings will be confirmed by email.
6. We reserve the right to sell any places reserved without full payment or a deposit.
7. It is the responsibility of the passenger/customer to check the accuracy of dates booked upon receipt of their travel documents.
8. Payments will be made through our secure payment platform, using the credit card of your choice.

2. Insurance

1. A basic passenger/civil liability insurance (“tourist insurance”) is included in the price, as regulated by law. This insurance covers only contingencies related to the vehicle of travel.
2. We take no responsibility for any injuries or loss to you incurred whilst you are taking part in any optional activities that are outside our all inclusive package. We strongly recommend that you take out comprehensive insurance cover for cancellation, medical expenses, personal accident, personal baggage, money and public liability before you travel.

3. Cancellation

1. Cancellation of your booking must be in writing or by email to Galicia Unveiled/Viajes Deza. When written notification has been received by Galicia Unveiled/Viajes Deza a fee of €20 will be levied to cover administration costs.
2. You are entitled to a full refund only if you give us 15 days notice of your intention to cancel.
3. If you choose to cancel within 15 days before the start of your tour, no refunds will be granted. You can choose to change your tour departure to another date (subject to availability). Permission to do this up to 48 hours before departure is subject to a €20 fee and is entirely at the discretion of the Galicia Unveiled/Viajes Deza management.
4. If the reason for your cancellation is covered under your insurance policy, you may be able to make a claim under that policy.
5. In the case of a private group booking or a private bus hire we would require 4 weeks notice of cancellation and a €20 administration fee.
6. Tours already booked cannot be cancelled and rebooked where special offers are made available.

4. Refunds

1. Any refund which has been agreed with the management of Galicia Unveiled/Viajes Deza can only be refunded by bank transfer, it cannot be carried out using a credit card.
2. Refunds may only be made to the bank account of the person to be refunded. This cannot be done by credit card and the onus is on the person to be refunded to provide bank account details, IBAN and swift code with email proof on any overcharge.

5. Changes by us

1. We reserve the right to change our typical itineraries at any time and at our discretion. As professionals we will endeavour to avoid this and if this is necessary, we will substitute alternative arrangements of comparable monetary value.
2. Once your booking has been confirmed we will make every effort to provide you with the booked arrangements but reserve the right to alter or cancel the whole or part of the tour in the event of happenings outside the control of Galicia Unveiled/Viajes Deza. Reasons for doing so may include but shall not be limited to such force majeure matters as extreme adverse local weather conditions or weather warnings, natural disasters, civil strikes or conflict, terrorist activity, fire, flood conditions and similar. No compensation will be paid for force majeure cancellations.
3. We are constantly striving to make our services and tours even more brilliant than they are perceived by many to be, therefore should attractions open or become open to us, that we feel will enhance your experience of our beloved motherland then we reserve the right to include these in your best interests.
4. We reserve the right to decrease the price of our tours at any time.
5. We reserve the right to launch amended brochures in the public domain at any time.

6. Travelling

1. You must obey the laws of the Autonomous Community of Galicia, the Kingdom of Spain and the European Union whilst travelling on our routes. We would ask you to show respect to the many diverse customs that exist in Galicia. If you do not do so, you may be asked to surrender your ticket, which may be cancelled without any refund. It is our representative who will decide to cancel your pass or not and their decision will be final.
2. Your appointed Galicia Unveiled/Viajes Deza tour guide or driver may need to make a decision in the interests of safety. It is a condition of bookings that you comply with the authority and decisions of the appointed representative of Galicia Unveiled/Viajes Deza. If you do not comply with the said representative and are not compatible with the general enjoyment and well being of members of the tour, we reserve the right to refuse to allow you to continue the tour. In such a case we will not be liable for any refund, compensation or any additional costs incurred by you. We cannot accept liability for the behaviour of others on your tour nor if any facilities are curtailed as a result of their actions.
3. Boisterous or unruly behaviour will not be tolerated. Likewise, customers under the apparent influence of alcohol or other substances will not be permitted to start and/or continue their tour. In such a case we will not be liable for any refund, compensation or any additional costs.
4. It is your responsibility to meet your tour at arranged points. Because of the nature of the service, Galicia Unveiled/Viajes Deza will not be liable if any service leaves or arrives later than its specified time, even if as a result you miss a connecting service. Galicia Unveiled/Viajes Deza will endeavour to ensure that departure and arrival times are met.

7. Pick up points and transportation

1. All of our tours depart from locations clearly specified in our website (see “Routes” section). It is your responsibility to be at the designated location at the specified date/time. If in doubt, please contact us before the date of travel.

Autocares Cuíña fleet

Autocares Cuíña fleet

2. Pick up times (when applicable) are approximate and dependant upon traffic conditions.
3. We may arrange hotel pick-ups for your convenience – if feasible – at our discretion.
4. For road tours: We strive to provide modern and top of the range vehicles, in association with Autocares Cuíña and Autocares Rias Baixas. These local companies, in operation since 1926, have a very strict quality control policy, as evidenced by a number of independent official certifications of excellence.
5. All vehicles on regular road tours are operated by professional dedicated drivers. On those tours, you will be accompanied by two staff members: a driver and an official tourist guide. Different arrangements might take place for custom or private tours which, in any case, will be specified in writing by Galicia Unveiled.

8. Your obligations and responsibilities

1. Galicia Unveiled/Viajes Deza tours are aimed at visitors to Galicia who are 18 years and over, or minors who are accompanied by responsible adults. We strongly advise against bringing small children due to the very nature of the trips, which may involve relatively long driving times without stops, or visits to locations with no immediate services or facilities.
2. You must inform us in writing of any medical condition that requires attention or medication before your tour commences. Please be advised that we might visit locations relatively removed from medical centres.
3. When meals are included, you must inform us in writing of any dietary, health or allergy related considerations, or preference for vegetarian or vegan food.
4. It is your responsibility to have all necessary visas, passports, permits and certificates required for your selected itinerary as well as any necessary vaccinations and to comply with all applicable laws.
5. During your tour, your tour guide may take photographs and films of you (as part of a group) while you are a passenger. These may be used in our group brochures and/or advertising and publicity material without obtaining any further consent or payment in respect of such photographs and/or films. Please do indicate explicitly if you do not want to be a part of that, as that is your right.
6. When you book with us, you accept responsibility for any damage or loss caused by you. Full payment for any such damage or loss must be paid at the time direct to the accommodation owner or manager or other supplier. If you fail to do so, you will be responsible for meeting any claims (including legal costs) subsequently made against us as a result of your actions.
7. The Galician way of life is one of enjoying life, relishing and respecting other people’s company. We would ask you come to our tour with a positive frame of mind, ready to enjoy your adventure with us. At all times you must show courtesy and respect to your driver and guide and, more importantly, the other tour members. Failure to do so may result in you being asked to leave the tour at the management’s discretion.

9. Complaints

1. In the highly unlikely event that you may wish to make a formal complaint against Galicia Unveiled/Viajes Deza please inform the Galicia Unveiled/Viajes Deza representative at the time. If the matter cannot be resolved immediately or during your trip after the representative’s best endeavours to do so, your complaint should be made in writing to Galicia Unveiled/Viajes Deza as soon as is reasonably possible after the holiday, but within 30 days thereof so that your complaint can be investigated. Galicia Unveiled/Viajes Deza will not consider any claims after the 30-day period. You will be assured of respect and courtesy whilst your complaint is being dealt with.

10.  Weather Conditions

1. Galicia has a mild climate in general but it is located, after all, in Atlantic Europe. Therefore, rain is no stranger any time of the year and more severe weather conditions (including gales, icy roads and snow) can happen depending on the season. Nonetheless, tours will still take place unless otherwise prohibited by the relevant authorities. It is your responsibility to get informed before you travel. You can find more information about this on our website (“Visit Galicia” / “Practical Information” / “Where and when” sections, and on the Galician Government’s official weather service Meteo Galicia).

Our green landscapes come at a price... rain!

Our green landscapes come at a price… rain!

2. Under no circumstances can we be held responsible for weather conditions. No ticket can be cancelled or amended by you at any time on the basis of weather conditions. We accept no responsibility for weather conditions that may affect the delivery and implementation of our itinerary.
3. If weather conditions do not allow for safe access to a specific site, we will strive to offer a suitable alternative, when possible.
4. Weather-related restrictions or cancellations entitled with a partial or full refund may be considered only in the event of an official orange or red alert, issued by Meteo Galicia for the area of your visit. This will be done at the discretion of Galicia Unveiled/Viajes Deza.

11.  No Smoking Policy

1. We do not permit smoking on any of our vehicles.
2. Please note that smoking is not permitted in most establishments in Galicia, unless specifically indicated in clearly designated areas.

12.  General

1. The booking conditions detailed herein contain the entire contract between you and Galicia Unveiled. No representation, term, warranty or condition can be expressed or implied by reference to any other writing, advertisement or conversation. This contract may only be varied in writing by a duly authorised officer of Galicia Unveiled/Viajes Deza.
2. This contract and all matters arising out of it are governed by Galician and Spanish law. We both agree that any dispute, claim or other matter which arises out of or in connection with this contract or your holiday will be dealt with by the Courts of the Galician Autonomous Community only. Changes to these booking conditions will only be valid if agreed by Galicia Unveiled in writing.
3. Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of our Internet advertising, brochures and other printed material at time of going to print, however Galicia Unveiled/Viajes Deza cannot be held responsible for printing and typographical errors, or errors arising from unforeseen circumstances.
4. Galicia Unveiled is an independently managed project, brought to you by Viajes Deza, an officially registered and fully licensed travel agency (XG-37) since 1985:
(main office) R/ Michelena 25, 36001 Pontevedra (Galicia), Spain;
(branch) R/ Almuíña 12, 36900 Marín (Galicia), Spain
Ph. +34986850462 (main Viajes Deza office – service in Galician and Spanish only); +34657745075 (Galicia Unveiled proper – service in English, Galician, Portuguese and Spanish).
– – –

Do contact us for any questions or further information.

You can download this document in pdf format > here <

Our routes and services

You can choose from a number of exclusive guided bus tours (see below), but we also offer guided walking tours, custom and private tours, in addition to the “regular tours” from our partners at Viajes Deza.

Spoilt for choice, aren’t we? You just have to ask! 🙂

  • Ancient Heritage (full day): Visit the oldest remains of a native European civilisation, up the mountains and down the valleys, through the forests and towards the sea. Enjoy spectacular landscapes and see for yourself mysterious petroglyphs and megaliths, traveling through the land that saw the emergence of the Celtic world. Stand in some of the most sacred places of old Galicia and learn about their turbulent history and current controversies.

Departures from Compostela, Pontevedra and Vigo (click on the city you prefer for more details).

  • baronhaBetween Celts and Vikings (full day): We’ll follow the beautiful Galician coastline, from one quaint medieval town to another, discovering Celtic and Viking heritage alike on the way. Have you seen the ruins of the watchtowers that stopped the Norsemen? Wait until you see the amazing hillfort raising from the sea…

Departure from Compostela (click on link for more details).

  • Civilisation through millennia (half day): Thousands of years of history encapsulated in a hidden valley… That’s the magic of Galicia. Join this short but intense journey through time and learn about not just our past and current controversies, but of stories and events that shaped European history as a whole.

Departure from Vigo (click on link for more details).


  • Walking the Land (full day): We will drive you to places others won’t, for sure, but there’s no better way to intimately know a country than walking it. This very special tour combines visits to historical towns and fantastic sights with a most pleasant walking route. Put on your boots and let’s find out what’s around that turn, right after those oak trees by the old watermill…

Departures from Pontevedra and Vigo (click on the city you prefer for more details).

What’s different about us?

– We offer a unique insight into Western European culture and heritage, where to combine active holidays and a different style of guided tours.

– Quality service in fluent English, Galician-Portuguese and Spanish.

– 100% Galician staff, with solid academic and professional background.

– You’ll be accompanied by a dedicated driver AND an official tourist guide (routes above and regular Viajes Deza tours).

– We’re a family business. We’re local. You get to experience things as we do ourselves.

– All our prices are final and include taxes, access to sites and meals (when applicable – see details for each route).

– We can design tailored routes for you. We can show you castles, megaliths, mountains, forests, ocean views and beaches, small cosy villages or big modern and vibrant cities. We can take you hiking or on a gastronomic tour, or both. We can take you alone or in larger groups. If you can dream it we’ll strive to provide it. Simply request a quote.

Visit Galicia

Galicia_locationYou say: ‘Galicia is very small’. I tell you: ‘Galicia is a world unto itself’. It may be small in size, but in depth, in substance, it is as big as you want it to be (V. Risco)

“The oldest country in Europe” – after the Galician Kingdom was established in 411 CE – has a unique and very distinctive character.

Everything one sees is antique, venerable and unchangeable. Everything seems to be covered in a warm and tired air (Prof. P. O’Flanagan)

Galicia has a vibrant culture, folklore and traditions, transmitted from antiquity. It is renowned for its rich cuisine, music, architecture, fine arts, breathtaking landscapes and magical legends.


Compostela, capital city

Europe was born on the pilgrimage to Compostela (Goethe)

You have probably heard about the St. James’ Way or Road to Santiago (pilgrimage route), or the meigas (witches) stories… If you didn’t then we have a tale or two to share with you!

“The End of the World” – at the westernmost point of the continent – is a place where history and native heritage are preserved as they adapt and take form in contemporary daily life.

Galicia is the origin of Celticity in all of Europe (Prof. F. Benozzo)

Would you miss the chance to see and feel this land? We’d for sure be proud and delighted to show it to you.

Learn more about Galicia and check our practical information. Explore this site at will and do contact us with any questions you might have about our services and your trip to Galicia.

Baronha Celtic hillfort

Baronha Celtic hillfort

Did you know?

Galicia is a fishing and fashion world powerThe Galician Diaspora has been labelled “the largest Diaspora in times of peace”Galicia is the cradle of Portuguese languageGalicia is considered to be “the first country in Europe”There’s a Galician living in almost every country of the planetAccording to legend and recent discoveries, the Irish are of Galician originTable football was invented in GaliciaBuenos Aires (Argentina) was the “biggest Galician city ever”Galicia was considered to be “The End of the World”Galicia and North Portugal formed the first ever Euro-Region within the EU, and they submitted a joint candidature to UNESCOGalicia is often nicknamed “The Land of the Witches”, as many believe strange beings still inhabit Her forests…Galicia is also often nicknamed “The Land of the Thousand Rivers”