Easter holidays in Galicia? Checked!

Night view over the city of Pontevedra, our headquarters. Click on it for total awesomeness.

We have been quite busy in a number of platforms and forums preparing for the Easter holidays 🙂 Yet, here is another friendly reminder of what’s in store for you if you’re planning to visit Galicia in the coming weeks.

Do explore this website for information on routes and destinations. Bear in mind that the usual Easter celebrations will be followed shortly after by the Maios season (starting on May 1), a must-see ancient festivity related to nature. But more information on that particular when that times comes… 😉

Note: the official Easter holiday period goes from Thursday, April 13 to Sunday, April 16. Monday, April 17, is a local bank holiday in the city of Pontevedra (and other locations) too.