covid-19 😷

Click on the image to access the (recommended) registration health form before travelling to Galicia

There’s no need to introduce the infamous covid-19, right? 😉 So let’s go straight to the point with the updates about the situation here in Galicia, namely in the city of Pontevedra where we are headquartered.

First things first: tours ARE A GO 😀 So are all other services we offer.
Most restrictions are lifted now, so we’re following on the advice of the health authorities and a bit common sense.

  • Max. of 10 people per reservation.
  • Please observe social distancing.
  • Face masks are now only “recommended” in most places (still compulsory in hospitals, pharmacies and public transportation though). Yet, we’d advise to use them, namely when social distancing cannot be guaranteed.
    We at GzU wear them all the time anyway – juuust in case! 😉 

The Galician Ministry of Health has launched a special website with all the latest info. Check it here (in Galician and Spanish).

Please take care of yourselves and look after each other. We are together in this. All of us on this beautiful wee planet ❤️