covid-19 😷

Click on the image for a short video (in English) from the Galician Govt.

There’s no need to introduce the infamous coronavirus / covid-19, right? So let’s go straight to the point with the updates about the situation here in Galicia, namely in the city of Pontevedra where we are headquartered.

At this moment (last update 14th February) our tours ARE ON HOLD.
Right now the municipality of Pontevedra is in partial lockdown and travel is heavily restricted. Indeed, the actual figures on the spread of the virus are far from ideal.
The situation calls for an extra effort in favour of the collective good 😘

Yet – as this will not last forever – we are taking reservations for future dates 😉 Let’s keep those vaccinations coming!

The Galician Ministry of Health has launched a special website with all the latest info. Check it here (in Galician and Spanish).

All other services offered by Galicia Unveiled are operated remotely, including language teaching (video call), translation and cultural consultancy. That’s business as usual, almost! 😅

Please take care of yourselves and look after each other. We are together in this. All of us on this beautiful wee planet ❤️