Languages in the Iberian Peninsula, and there's us up the NW corner.
There’s us in the NW corner. Yay!

Galicia Unveiled offers its services in the following languages / Galicia Unveiled oferece os seus serviços nas línguas a seguir / Galicia Unveiled ofrece sus servicios en los siguientes idiomas:

  • (fluent!) English – by default
  • Galician / Galego
  • Portuguese / Português

Visitas en español bajo demanda (contáctanos para más información)


Tours are in one language only. There are no multilingual tours.

As excursões são só em uma única língua. Não há visitas multilíngües.

Las visitas son en un solo idioma. No hay visitas multilingües.


Galicia Unveiled uses English as the default language knowing well that there is a lack of services in this language in the whole of Galicia. Hence we aim at reaching not just native English-speaking visitors, but also any international traveller who can communicate in English and not in our local languages. 


EXTRA! ガリシア 日本語で 😀
(information on Galicia, in Japanese)


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