– Walking the Land (from Pontevedra)

Full day

Soutomaior castle

The majestic Castle of Soutomaior

Departure PONTEVEDRA (Praza Galicia, Nakasa) 9:00

Pickup VIGO (R/ Cánovas del Castillo – Bus bay, right outside A Laxe shopping centre – see the vans on this pic?) 09:30 – See alternative route from Vigo.

– Many Galician castles were destroyed during medieval wars, but the Castle of Soutomaior is a fine example of a time when the country was filled with them. Built in the 12thC (although some say it’s actually older), it has been restored to its former glory and surrounded by a spectacular 6 hectares garden with over 400 species. This garden is, in fact, a must-see for all camellia lovers since it was recognised as the seventh European “International Garden of Excellence“.

It's so nice you'll feel you're flying!

It’s so nice you’ll feel you’re flying, not walking

– Put on your boots! It’s time to walk the Ruta da Pedra e da Auga (‘Route of Water and Stone’). This enchanted trail stretches naturally along the banks of the river Armenteira. We’ll be walking under the shade of alders, willows, chestnut and oak trees, passing by a myriad of old watermills until we reach our final destination, the famous monastery of Armenteira. [Please note that this is a hiking route on a natural uneven – and possible wet – path. Suitable footwear and clothes are strongly recommended. The route is flat in general and is considered “easy”, but it will still take over an hour of continuous walk and going up some ramps]

– Don’t worry, the bus will be waiting just to take us for lunch to the neighbouring Cambados. This noble and prosperous town can boast of both a fishing and a wine-making tradition. It’s the perfect spot for a relaxed stroll admiring its manor houses and classy atmosphere, the kind of pleasant place where you’ll probably find yourself thinking “I could actually stay and live here!”.

Fefiñáns palace (Cambados)

Palace of Fefiñáns (Cambados)

– Later on, A Lanzada will be waiting for us with its natural park, 2.5km long beach and a bundle of legends and stories. We’ll take a look at its chapel, next to what’s left of a small Celtic settlement, explaining why this was (and is) considered to be one of the most sacred locations in Galicia at a popular level.

After this stop, we’ll drive back following the coastline, using an alternative road.

Return to Pontevedra 17:30 (approx.) and Vigo 18:00 (approx.)


€120 p.p. (5-9 people)

€65 p.p. (10-19 people)

€50 p.p. (20+ people)

Price includes: Transportation (with dedicated driver) in quality van/minibus, and official tour guide (full access) with extensive academic background.

Basic passenger insurance (“tourist insurance”).

Lunch in a local establishment (typical Galician food).

Permits/Entrance to sites. All taxes.

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Add-ons to this route (please consult availability and prices):

  • Pontevedra walking tour (+1 hour): Imagine a perfect city, designed for people and quality of life. Well, Pontevedra comes close to it. This award-winning little city will surprise you with its lively stone-paved pedestrian streets, cosy squares and harmonious architecture. Better come now before everybody knows about it, because this place will eventually be on all tourist guides!
Pontevedra, old town

Pontevedra, old town

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