Building bridges. We like that!

Galicia Unveiled is all about culture, languages and travel. Hence we offer a unique range of professional services. Well, if you really think about it they are all related in some way 😀

In more detail, we cover the following fields:

  • Travel: Walking tours in the award-winning city of Pontevedra, plus other locations and further services and travel arrangements all over Galicia and Northern Portugal, including tailored, private and VIP tours.
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  • Language: Teaching of English as a foreign language (all levels).
    Conversational Galician, Portuguese and Spanish (all levels).
    Translation and interpretation from/to said languages. Text proofreading, editing and localisation.
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  • Culture and Geography: Professional geographical and cross-cultural consultancy.
    Introduction to Galician Culture (through English). Content creation and writing services.
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