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Thinking of living or doing business in Galicia? Unsure about the cultural differences or the “language barrier”? Or do you simply want to know a bit more about us and our country?

No problem! We can help with all that 🙂

As a matter of fact, we love putting people in contact, add the human touch, and provide actual useful information in the optimal context.
Galicia Unveiled offers cross-cultural consultancy services, including but not limited to product localisation, advice on local rules and regulations, ex-pat support (through English or Portuguese), etc.

Furthermore, we offer an introductory course to Galician Culture (through English), open to everyone.

For content creation and writing services in Galician, English, Portuguese or Spanish, drop us a line. Communication is always the key 😀

And, of course, if you are Galician yourself and are planning about going international… we can also give a hand with that!
E, por suposto, se es galego/a e andas a pensar en algo a nivel internacional… tamén podemos botar unha man con iso! 😉

  • Why Galicia?

Galicia is an autonomous territory within the framework of the Spanish State, thus part of the European Union (Schengen Area) and the EuroZone (€).
Because of its geographical location and its long and rich history, Galicia acts as a natural “bridge” between the Americas, Atlantic and Mediterranean Europe.

For example, Galicia’s own language – galego – is of great help in the learning and understanding of both Portuguese and Spanish, hence making many Galicians almost natural multi-linguals (both Galician language and Spanish are official and taught at schools alongside English). Plus, Galicia and North Portugal form an official Euro-Region, where cultural exchange and trade is further promoted.

Galicia’s service provision is second to none and, altogether, this makes Galicia a true “hidden-gem” whether for tourism, living or business.

Do check our section on Practical Information for a better insight.

Amazing nature and landscapes, great food, bagpipes, thousands of years of history and heritage. Yeah. But also a modern and vibrant society willing to share what its got with the world.

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PS. This is a project sponsored by the Chair of Medieval Philology (Dept. of Modern Languages, Literature and Cultures), University of Bologna, Italy.