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Languages in the Iberian Peninsula, and there's us up the NW corner.
There’s us in the NW corner. Yay!

Learn languages with us! Aprende línguas connosco! 😀

We have an extensive experience in the teaching of English as a foreign language. Whether it is for exam preparation or just for fun, we cover all levels, from scratch to proficiency, with a bilingual teacher.
Furthermore, you can practice your conversational Galician, Portuguese and Spanish.

The regular rate is €18/hour for individual classes (online); that’s US$21 / £16 aprox.
Contact us for other arrangements 🙂 

You’ll learn the real use of language in a fun way, understanding the wider cultural context and all the good things that tapping into a new culture brings. Your teacher will not simply be someone telling you about dull theory, but someone who’ll bring the wealth of that language and culture to your life.

Furthermore, we offer proofreading, editing, translation, localisation and interpretation services at the highest standard in said languages, plus translations from Catalan, as follows(*)

  • From Catalan into / Del català al (translation)
    English 0.12 wd – €30/hr
    Español 0.10 wd – €30/hr
    Galego 0.11 wd – €30/hr
    Português 0.11 wd – €30/hr
  • From Galician into / Do galego ao (translation)
    English 0.12 wd – €30/hr
    Español 0.10 wd – €26/hr
    Português 0.08 wd – €24/hr
  • From English into (translation)
    Galego 0.11 wd – €30/hr
    Español 0.11 wd – €26/hr
    Português 0.12 wd – €30/hr
  • From Portuguese into / Do português ao (translation)
    English 0.12 wd – €30/hr
    Español 0.10 wd – €26/hr
    Galego 0.08 wd – €24/hr
  • From Spanish into / Del español al (translation)
    English 0.12 wd – €30/hr
    Galego 0.10 wd – €26/hr
    Português 0.10 wd – €30/hr

(*) [EN] These rates are only indicative. Translation prices can vary greatly, as each quote is calculated according to your specific needs and/or type of source text. For interpretation, editing and proofreading quotes please contact us.
VAT not included.

[GL] Estas tarifas son meramente indicativas. Os prezos das traducións poden variar bastante, pois cada orzamento é axustado ás túas necesidades específicas e/ou tipo de texto de orixe. Para orzamentos de interpretación, edición e revisión de textos contáctanos por favor.
IVE non incluído.


EXTRA! ガリシア 日本語で 😀
(information on Galicia, in Japanese – we don’t speak it though… yet!)


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PS. This is a project sponsored by the Chair of Medieval Philology (Dept. of Modern Languages, Literature and Cultures), University of Bologna, Italy.