We’re here already, waiting… Where are you? uh? uh?

Travel and tourism are at the heart of Galicia Unveiled. As a matter of fact, this project was initially born in 2016 to… well, “unveil” Galicia to everybody out there 😀

So even if our offer has grown now to also include language teaching, translation, cultural consultancy and what not, we still take a special pride in offering walking tours in the award-winning city of Pontevedra, where Galicia Unveiled is headquartered.

Then again, we also do customised and private tours in other locations all over Galicia and Northern Portugal, including VIP visits.

Got an idea already? Great! We’ll help you refine it.
No clue about what to do or where to go exactly, but you still want to visit our wee country? No worries! We’ll create the perfect tour for you.

Explore our “where and when” and “practical information” sections, and do not hesitate to contact us for more information and personalised quotes.

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