Galician-Portuguese culture 🤝

Can you understand Galician and/or Portuguese? Will you be around these parts on May 7? Then do attend the X Jornadas Galego-Portuguesas 🙂

This is a unique seminar (or is it a conference? or a workshop? 😆) on our shared history and culture, taking place in the most picturesque village of Pitões das Júnias (Montalegre), a few kilometres down from the Galician-Portuguese “border”.

Actually, any excuse is good to visit the highest inhabited point in Portugal. Yeah, that’s Pitões, at roughly 1300 metres 🤯
You’ll be memerised with the views… but wait until you try the food and meet the friendliest, most welcoming people ever!

Do check the full programme and other details > here < (in Galician), where you’ll see that our very own Xoán (from GzU) will be giving the opening talk 😉




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